"I founded Hands on Health in 2017 with the purpose of helping people to heal and to enjoy their life to the fullest."


In our experience across various clinical settings, we have learned that patients who receive one-on-one care achieve better outcomes.  They improve faster.  And they regain their quality of life, which is really what our work is all about.


Dry needling, used specifically for trigger point pain and dysfunction, improves the body's innate healing process, reduces pain, and shortens the  duration of therapy visits.  Referred pain caused by trigger points can negatively impact other regions of the body, causing more complex pain.  Dry needling offers a direct and efficient method of improving function.


Manual therapy includes a wide array of hands-on techniques, from massage to spinal/joint mobilizations and trigger point release, a manual physical therapist pursues additional years of training beyond a physical therapy degree in order to achieve mastery of hands-on skills. FAAOMPT credentials represent the highest level of training in the country, as a Fellow in the American Academy of Orthopedic and Manual Physical Therapists.


As manual physical therapists,  we emphasize hands-on care combined with specific exercises to improve movement.  This may include dry needling to address trigger points for reduced pain and dysfunction.  

We also focus on posture, ergonomics, strength, and flexibility for optimum recovery.  Educating our patients about the science behind pain and dysfunction is top priority.  We want each of our clients to become their own best advocate for health and wellness.  


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