This 4-week online course will teach you about the anatomy and function of your core and pelvic floor muscles, including how breathing and daily movements work to restore optimal function in your body overall Dr. Kelly and Dr. Christina dive in to the core structures with an engaging and fun approach, ensuring that you take home a better understanding of how your body works.  Each week delivers safe and effective home exercise routines to for you to build on throughout the series, designed specifically to help you achieve a healthy and strong outcome. 


You will receive BONUS PDF printable exercise handouts and a guided breathing AUDIO RECORDING to perform daily!!
The online format will include a 
45-minute informational video presentation with interactive Q&A once a week following each presentation, and specific home exercises to integrate into your daily life.



WEEK 1:  Overview of the core and pelvic floor with emphasis on the role of breathing. INCLUDES A FREE recorded guided meditation from Dr. Kelly for relaxation practice in the convenience of your home. 

WEEK 2: The vital role of the core with a home exercise program on how to properly engage your power house.

WEEK 3:  Understanding the therapeutic approach to your lower back and glutes. Optimize strength and function for injury prevention.

WEEK 4: The deep dive into the pelvic floor!!  Gain more knowledge on its role in overall physical function.  Learn how to incorporate the pelvic floor into your daily movement patterns.



Dr. Kelly Davis Bernard

Dr. Kelly Bernard has over 15 years of experience as an orthopedic manual physical therapist.  After graduating with her doctorate and manual therapy  certification, she completed a 3-year post-doctoral fellowship in manual therapy.  From her experience, she found that patients who received one-on-one care improved faster, with fewer visits and greater satisfaction.  Two years ago, she founded Hands on Health, a concierge manual physical therapy business that delivers highly individualized treatment at the convenience of the patient’s home.  The company has grown to include a clinic space in Metairie, Louisiana, that she lovingly refers to as the “healing house”. 

Dr. Christina Melendreras

Dr. Christina Melendreras has a strong passion for providing quality, hands on care to her patients. After receiving her doctorate from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences, her interest in manual therapy brought her back to obtain her Manual Therapy Certification (MTC), which has shaped her approach to patient care. Her certification in dry needling has also provided her with an additional skillset to aid her patients in faster and longer lasting recovery. Since joining Dr. Kelly Bernard at Hands on Health, she has been able to provide her patients with the one on one, specialized care they deserve, in order to quickly return to a better quality of life!

Hands On Health Physical Therapy and Wellness, LLC

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New Orleans, LA 70124


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