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Meet Dr. Kelly

Dr. Kelly Bernard has over 15 years of experience as an orthopedic manual physical therapist. After graduating with her doctorate and manual therapy certification, she completed a 3-year post-doctoral fellowship in manual therapy. From her experience, she found that patients who received one-on-one care improved faster, with fewer visits and greater satisfaction.

Physical Therapy & Wellness 


As manual physical therapists, we emphasize hands-on care combined with specific exercises to improve movement. Educating our patients about the science behind pain and disfunction is a top priority. We want each of our clients to become their own best advocate for health and wellness.

Physical Therapy Session
Webinars & Theragun by Therabody


Experience high-quality physical therapy solutions in the convenience of your own home. 


Yoga in Park


Due to Covid-19, we have launched our "PT on the Porch" service where we meet our patients in parks, backyards, or on the porch.

Virtual Conference


Hands on Health provides specialized physical therapy and wellness expertise through Zoom and/or FaceTime.

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