About Dr. Kelly

My Story


Dr. Kelly Bernard has over 15 years of experience as an orthopedic manual physical therapist. After graduating with her doctorate and manual therapy certification, she completed a 3-year post-doctoral fellowship in manual therapy. From her experience, she found that patients who received one-on-one care improved faster, with fewer visits and greater satisfaction. 

Three years ago, when her daughter was one year old, she founded Hands on Health, a concierge manual physical therapy business that delivers highly individualized treatment at the convenience of the patient’s home.  


The company has grown to include a clinic space in the Lakeview Business Corridor of Harrison Ave in New Orleans, Louisiana.  She is involved in multiple collaborative projects both locally and online, teaching and learning with skilled healers, integrative functional medicine practitioners, bodyworkers, and entrepreneurs in her professional community.  The most rewarding facet of her work is helping people break through their limitations to feel healthy and whole again.


Celeste S.

Kelly is an amazing therapist. I have been suffering with the same problem for years and after a few visits I am on the mend. I am beginning to feel like my old self again. 

Gionne C.

From her healing touch, through her coaching me to heal myself and from her kind and generous spirit I have had improvements to my pain that I once didn't think were possible.

Lori M.

Dr. Kelly took time to listen carefully, explore possibilities of different diagnoses, ask thoughtful questions, and ensure that her treatment plan for me was customized to my needs