Get To Know Dr. Kelly!

Happy Friday Everyone! While we normally use our blog to discuss various wellness and health tips as well as new happenings at the clinic, this week we thought we would have a little fun getting to know the face behind the practice, Dr. Kelly Bernard. We hope you enjoy the following interview and learn a little bit more about what makes our very own Dr. Kelly tick!

Why did you decide to become a Physical Therapist?

My first exposure to physical therapy that I can remember was around the age of 7; my grandfather had a stroke. During his recovery, I loved being his “mini Physical Therapist” and helping him do his exercises and strengthening his weak side. From this experience, I realized that I had a passion for helping others and discovered one of my love languages was touch. Given these developments and my firm belief that human touch is a powerful tool for healing, physical therapy became a natural fit for my eventual career.