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Dr. Kelly's Personal Wellness Routines

How I incorporate PT Principles into my own lifestyle

Many times in the clinic I get asked how I incorporate my PT work, exercises, and mindset into my own life…how do I find the time while raising a young child and running a business?! I honestly love getting asked this question because it allows me to open up about my own challenges a little more, and gives me the chance to break down the sometimes scary or intimidating health topics for my patients. I don’t have the latest and greatest, space-age machines or my very own home gym. Nor do I have a closet full of PT exercise-specific clothing and shoes. I just have my body (the greatest resource of all), general household objects, and anything that I can find as a prop to stretch or to sit on!

Specifically, some of my favorite ways to incorporate PT principles into my daily routine are:

Tip 1 - Intermittent breathing awareness

We hold our breath more than we realize! I take a few deep breaths, inhaling all the way into my lower lungs and rib cage, abdomen, and pelvic floor regions, then release any tension that is present (my shoulders and neck love this little relaxation treat!).

Tip 2 - Stretching

Wherever, whenever, and on whatever I can find! (handrails, doorways, my chair/desk 😂) Deep squats are one of the best ways to maximize hip and pelvic flexibility!

Tip 3 - Walk breaks throughout the day

Even if it is literally 5 minutes, it’s great for your body. Pay attention to nature, to your breath, and to your healthy posture as you move.

*Pro Tip:  Walking is one of the greatest forms of exercise, and the WAY that you incorporate mindfulness into your daily walk is really important.

Tip 4 - Pilates

I admit, I have to get back on my studio schedule after holidays, but the Reformer is my favorite equipment to work out with!

Tip 5 - Just go with it

Completely random dance sessions with my almost 8 year old all around our house, along with singing our favorite songs (deep diaphragmatic breath work!).

All in all, our bodies are a gift, and moving them allows us to connect more deeply with our feelings and meet our needs of self-care. Plus, movement can quickly lift the mood and help others join in too! It's a win-win for all of us to live the principles of my healthcare profession.


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