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PT On The Porch

It's summer. It's hot. This is the season in New Orleans where we adapt by growing gills to keep breathing in the humid outdoor air. And, the masks. Did I mention it's hot?...

Cue the PT in the time of COVID19. We all find ways to adapt, whether that involves growing new anatomical parts belonging to an aquatic species or not. And one of the big ways I've adapted my clinical practice during our community's Phase 2 of the pandemic (where we can venture out with masks on) is to meet my peeps outside on the porch!

That southern icon of a shady retreat, our traditional space for sharing swings and storytelling and pitchers of iced tea, now holds a safe space for me to help my clients move (and breathe) in this humid southern vibe of summer.

It makes me happy.

To see my clients faces, their smiling eyes tell the story...I love engaging with them and moving with them outside, to share our stories with each other. These days, the stories are about how we get through the days and weeks that are rolling into one another, escalating 90+ degree temps and some escalating concerns over the virus. How it shapes us. How it scares us, or we respond to the fear that it brings. We are so resilient.

I like to think that after I leave a porch session, I've left a little bit of the common thread of human experience we shared on that porch.

A certain awareness may linger on inside my dear client about how they are breathing in their 6ft of safety, how they are sitting, standing, moving about, how they are bringing meaning to their moments (and movements) in their life.

To be in one's presence, caring for them. That is the gift I receive.

And that is what fuels my fire to be of service, mask and all.


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