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Introducing Our Newest Blog Feature: Wellness Wednesdays!

Dr. Kelly Davis Bernard

We at Hands on Health are proud to introduce our newest weekly feature article to our blog called Wellness Wednesdays! This concept comes from a core belief in our practice that holistic care in all aspects of our lives is crucial for long-term mental and physical wellbeing. In addition, we believe prevention of potential physical injuries is just as important as treatment of these concerns. With this in mind, we will discuss each Wednesday some simple, evidence-based tips to incorporate into your daily life to reduce stress, promote self-care, and potentially prevent long-term physical ailments. Our hope is that these articles, especially in these unprecedented times, will help our clients and community live more fulfilling and happy lives.

Our first article is set to be published on September 23, 2020! To discover Wellness Wednesdays as well as other fun information regarding the exciting world of physical therapy, be sure to check out our blog at

In addition, for the latest news on our practice and community events, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

See y’all on Wednesday!


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